About Us

It all started with the love for a mouse, a few princesses, a wizard, and a castle...

We have been visiting the Orlando area since 1973. Our dreams came true, in 2015 our family relocated to the Central Florida area for my career, working as a Consultant for Theme Parks. We love the theme parks, often there from opening till close. Nothing better than spending the day with family and friends.

In 2016 I began having some health issues. This began the addition of scooters into our lives.

We've rented a few, and they served their purpose. BUT I didn't like the small rental scooters, or what I like to call the "Granny" scooters. That was just not for me. Much to my dismay:

  • They were uncomfortable.
  • I seemed invisible. People did not see me, tripped over me, or stopped in front of me with no warning. 
  • I did not like being "butt-level" in crowds or constantly having to look up to speak to people.
  • I'm not "old" enough to ride a "granny" scooter. I like to think I'm cooler than that :)
  • The maximum speed of 5mph. No thank you.
  • Having to charge them daily, sometimes more than once a day.

 There HAD to be something better. We researched for a year, looking high and low for the perfect scooter. We've driven many styles and brands.

We found the best of the best.

ALL of our scooters have:

Minimum range of 15 miles. This means less time spent charging and more time riding.

Minimum 500 watts of power.

Extra comfortable seat. The seats are elevated, you are eye-level. 

Can reach speeds up to 25 mph, depending on model. Completely adjustable.

"The LOOK", you are no longer invisible. These are the "COOL" scooters. People NOTICE you. I have not been tripped over or walked into one single time since driving our scooters. 

Our scooters are driven in the theme parks. All of them fit on the Ferry, MonoRail, and Boats. They fit on the busses but not as well as the smaller scooters, it is also up to the bus driver whether or not to let it on. We've taken our scooters in Wal-Mart, flea markets, grocery stores. They go everywhere the smaller scooters go, but have more style :)