Layaway Plan


Need a recreational mobility scooter? Short on cash?

Lay-away is the perfect solution! Take advantage of Lay-Away today to lock in your pricing now!



At Sunshine Luxury Scooters, we make purchasing recreational mobility scooters easy with our convenient, no admin fee, interest-free, no-hassle Lay-Away program!

Sunshine Luxury Scooters lay-away program gives you a wonderful opportunity to become a scooter owner for a very reasonable amount of money a month.


How does our Lay-Away Plan work?? It's so easy!


  • 6 month time frame to pay in full.
  • No credit applications to complete, no credit checks, and no additional charges!
  • Pick out the scooter you want. Click on the scooter tab to look at our selection.


  • Sign your layaway agreement and secure your scooter with a non-fundable down payment of $300. Payments are divided over 6 months. We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and checks.


  • Pay a monthly payment to Sunshine Luxury Scooters. There are three ways to pay:

1.       Pay online using a debit or credit card.

2.       Call your payment in by phone using your credit card, or

3.       Mail your check directly to Sunshine Luxury Scooters


How much will my scooter cost?

Your monthly payment is calculated by taking the total cost of your scooter, sales tax, shipping and is then divided by the number of months you will be making payments. Our affordable scooter prices will ensure an affordable monthly payment.



Terms and conditions of the layaway plan

1.      We require a non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to put the item on Layaway.Remaining balance will be distributed between (5) five monthly payments.

  1. We require payment once a month (you can choose the date) toward the purchase of your scooter. Your monthly payment will vary depending on the scooter you choose.  

3.      We will accept full payment at any point during the layaway agreement. No Penalty for early payment

  1. Your last payment cannot extend past six months. ALL LAYAWAYS MUST BE REDEEMED WITH IN 6 MONTHES OF INITIAL ORDER
  2. You can end your layaway program at any time, if you decide you don't want the scooter (less the deposit +10% of total unit value is forfeited if cancelled).
  3. You may cancel this Layaway at any time before your last payment is made by notifying us in writing.
  4. If we do not receive your final payment by the “final payment due” date, we will automatically cancel your Layaway purchase unless we have agreed to extend that date (no more than 2 weeks).
  5. We may consider your Layaway account to be in “Default” if you fail to make a payment thirty (30) days past due your payment date.  If the buyer defaults, on the Layaway account, the account will be treated as canceled.
  6. Layaway purchase will be removed from inventory and stored until final payment is received.


All lay-aways must be redeemed within agreed time.

Orders are shipped
only after final payment is received.


Everyone that is 18 years of age or over, regardless of credit history, qualifies!

All that is required is that you agree with our simple LAYAWAY terms and conditions.